Spooky Posh is available today!

Credit: Perfectly Posh

We have been treated with an early release of our Halloween line called Spooky Posh!  Only 1500 sets are available for customers AND consultants, get yours today before they are sold out forever!

Spooky Posh consists of Spell Bound Purpley Potion in our Sinful Skin body lotion ($15), Witch Be Gone Bath Brew Bombinator ($9) and a Punkin’ Puckerin’ Lip Butter Bauldron ($8).  Get The Spooky Set for only $29.00 and enjoy all 3 Spooky Posh products!

To purchase, visit my store at perfectlyposh.com/aimee and click on the Shop button.  Product codes are listed in the picture above.  Be sure to use the separate code if you are buying the set.

Thanks and Happy Poshing!


Enter to Win!

Perfectly Posh is having an awesome contest right now!  To enter, go to the corporate Posh page at facebook.com/ohmyposh and Like their facebook Page.  Then post a comment about which formula YOU need to use to get enlightened 🙂  You have until Midnight on Monday August 27th (Mountain Time) to enter!

Credit: Perfectly Posh

Check out my new home page design at Perfectly Posh

I just learned a few minutes ago that our company websites have been redesigned and are now live!  Here’s a sneak preview:

I’m so loving this new design!  The Perfectly Posh founders never cease to amaze me.  This was totally unexpected!  Come check it out and look at the new Fall Catalog while you’re there.  Go to my site here 🙂

Every body needs a Stripper

Credit: Perfectly Posh

Strip those nasty toxins right out with The Stripper Detox Body Mud by Perfectly Posh.  Kick free-radicals to the curb to reveal a more youthful, healthy you!

I personally starting using this product right away after becoming a Perfectly Posh consultant since it’s one of our best sellers and I have problem skin.  Adult acne, pores so large you can drive a tank right through them and an overall ruddy complexion.  Yet I have sensitive skin…what’s a girl to do?

I’ve already noticed a major difference in just how clean my face feels, even days after using The Stripper.  My pores are shrinking and my skin feels a lot softer, it’s amazing!  If you want to preserve elasticity, promote more frequent cell regeneration and prevent drying, take it all off with The Stripper!  You may even use The Stripper in conjunction with other Perfectly Posh products to attack problem areas.  Be sure to check back, more to come on that topic!

If you’d like to purchase The Stripper, Shop Now in my online store!  Thanks and Happy Poshing! 🙂

My Launch Party for Perfectly Posh is finally scheduled

And the big day is…Saturday August 18, 2012!  If you’d like an invitation, please email me at poshwithaimee@gmail.com.  Thanks and Happy Poshing!

**Please note as of 8/15/12:  I have changed the date for my launch party to Saturday August 25, 2012.  I have the online portion of the party already open if you’d like to shop early!  Just click on the link and prepare to get Poshed!


Credit: Perfectly Posh

The new catalogs are here

Ok, so maybe I’m not Steve Martin as The Jerk, but I am excited just the same!  The new Perfectly Posh Fall Catalogs are now here for your viewing pleasure.  I love how they scooped some of the products like ice cream in the pics, so fun and so cool!  I think out of the whole catalog, the product I am most eager to try next is the Hot Salt Sha-Bang! Muscle Scrub.

Credit: Perfectly Posh

Some of the newest additions to the Perfectly Posh family are:

Now & Zen-Spa Grade Take Out Facial Masks and Neck Treatments

DaMintcha Minty Madness and Vanilla Grapefruit Make-Out Magic Sugar Lip Scrubs

Just Plain Posh-The new dye and fragrance free line (perfect for men!)

The Purifier in Tea Tree and Eucalyptus (I can’t wait to try this one, too!)

Fabulous Baby line!  Ultra mild pampering with no dyes or perfumes

Thick and creamy Mango Body Butter!

What’s your new favorite?  If you’d like to purchase any Perfectly Posh items, host a party or join my team, please visit my Posh Website.  Thanks and Happy Poshing!

So after 8 days with my kit, I am in love

My Perfectly Posh Starter Kit arrived Monday, July 23rd, exactly a week since I had joined.  I tore into the little bundle of joy like that crazed velociraptor in Jurassic Park.  It was a true Christmas in July and I quickly got to work examining the packaging for its visual appeal, product ingredients, all the glorious smells and different textures.  Out of the Spring 2012 Starter Kit, my favorite item is The Healer.

Credit: Perfectly Posh

I used it on my whole family, including myself.  It’s amazing how everyone in your home can benefit from Perfectly Posh products!  And I absolutely love not worrying about what I let my daughter use anymore.  The new Fall Starter Kits cost $99 and are available today August 1st, 2012.

Credit: Perfectly Posh

The new kit features one of our latest products, Zen & Now spa grade take out face masks.  I can’t wait to try these!

Happy Poshing