The new catalogs are here

Ok, so maybe I’m not Steve Martin as The Jerk, but I am excited just the same!  The new Perfectly Posh Fall Catalogs are now here for your viewing pleasure.  I love how they scooped some of the products like ice cream in the pics, so fun and so cool!  I think out of the whole catalog, the product I am most eager to try next is the Hot Salt Sha-Bang! Muscle Scrub.

Credit: Perfectly Posh

Some of the newest additions to the Perfectly Posh family are:

Now & Zen-Spa Grade Take Out Facial Masks and Neck Treatments

DaMintcha Minty Madness and Vanilla Grapefruit Make-Out Magic Sugar Lip Scrubs

Just Plain Posh-The new dye and fragrance free line (perfect for men!)

The Purifier in Tea Tree and Eucalyptus (I can’t wait to try this one, too!)

Fabulous Baby line!  Ultra mild pampering with no dyes or perfumes

Thick and creamy Mango Body Butter!

What’s your new favorite?  If you’d like to purchase any Perfectly Posh items, host a party or join my team, please visit my Posh Website.  Thanks and Happy Poshing!


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