Every body needs a Stripper

Credit: Perfectly Posh

Strip those nasty toxins right out with The Stripper Detox Body Mud by Perfectly Posh.  Kick free-radicals to the curb to reveal a more youthful, healthy you!

I personally starting using this product right away after becoming a Perfectly Posh consultant since it’s one of our best sellers and I have problem skin.  Adult acne, pores so large you can drive a tank right through them and an overall ruddy complexion.  Yet I have sensitive skin…what’s a girl to do?

I’ve already noticed a major difference in just how clean my face feels, even days after using The Stripper.  My pores are shrinking and my skin feels a lot softer, it’s amazing!  If you want to preserve elasticity, promote more frequent cell regeneration and prevent drying, take it all off with The Stripper!  You may even use The Stripper in conjunction with other Perfectly Posh products to attack problem areas.  Be sure to check back, more to come on that topic!

If you’d like to purchase The Stripper, Shop Now in my online store!  Thanks and Happy Poshing! 🙂


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