You say it’s your birthday!


Credit: Perfectly Posh

It’s Posh’s 1st birthday, too yeah!  Happy Birthday Perfectly Posh, I’m so happy to be a part of a growing company!  My team is growing and I’m earning more commissions.  My family and friends love Posh products and how it has helped them (especially me personally!).  I couldn’t ask for anything more!  Join me and my team by taking advantage of the Chunkity Chunk Chunk promo!  If you sign up on my team by midnight tonight, enjoy 3 extra Chunk bars in your Starter Kit.  That’s $27 worth of free product!  Also, our Buy 3 Get One for $1 promo ends at 12:00am PST, so take advantage of this awesome deal and get started on your holiday shopping now!  Call me at 404-939-1680 or email me at for more information.  Thanks and Happy Poshing!  Aimee 🙂


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