Win a Free Spooky Posh set!

Credit: Perfectly Posh

Good Afternoon Everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great, relaxing Fall weekend!  I am offering an exciting booking bonus to all my new AND current customers.  The first person to book and hold a party for me wins a Free Spooky Posh Set!  The adorable Halloween set includes:

1.  A Sinful Skin in our Spell Bound scent- Deep and mysterious, a rich fragrance of gardenia petals, jasmine, almond, licorice and vanilla. Sexy and fun with a touch of deep purple sparkle – it is Fall’s perfect spellbinding potion.  Bewitch someone special.
2.  A Bombinator in Witch Be Gone- Totally Poshed spellbinding magical brew to rid yourself of the witch in you.  She takes over from time to time, but there’s a brew that’s entrancing enough to put her back in her place. Stew your mood in a warm cauldron of gardenia petals, jasmine, almond, licorice and vanilla. Sexy and fun – the witch will be gone.
3.  A Pumpkin Lip Butter- Just the right touch of kissable autumn spice: pumpkin and creamy latte. This buttery cauldron of goodness will give your pucker a magical trance that will bring him back.
This set is ready and waiting to go home with the lucky winner!  And don’t worry, I have lots of other booking incentives in addition to our normal party perks after the Spooky Posh is all gone!  All for free and all for just having a party!  I offer lots of different party options.  In home party, for a traditional party plan type. Portable party, where I can send you samples and catalogs that you can take with you anywhere!  Online party, for those that want to hold a simple catalog party.
I’m experimenting with a new type of party, too.  It’s a bit of a combination between an in home party and a portable party.  But basically, I will send you lots of samples, testers and catalogs but you can still invite all your friends over for a real party, but I WON’T be there!  That’s right, you can have fun with you and your friends with Posh and not have to sit through any formal presentation from me!  Just you and your girls for a fun Girls Night In, Bachelorette Parties, Spa Parties, Baby Showers, or any other good reason to get together for partying and pampering!  Ask me how today 🙂
This is my way of saying Thank You to all my customers for supporting my business and spreading the love of Perfectly Posh!  My team is seriously growing, my team Posh Life is already up to 4 members!  Take a look at Perfectly Posh’s first year stats:

Perfectly Posh – First Year Stats (Oct 1, 2011 through Sep 30, 2012):

  • How many Consultants? 2,075 Consultants in all 50 states and DCDo people like the products? Yes – $2.38 million in sales in the first year.
  • Is Posh saturated? Not even close – 151,564 Customers per Posh Consultant in the US
  • Is Posh the best ground floor opportunity in America? Yes – 250,178 Purely Pampering Products sold to-date with over 1,000,000 items projected in the next 12 months (How many will you sell?)
  • Will Perfectly Posh allow me to sell other products for other companies? Yes – you deserve Freedom, Flexibility, and Fun to run your own business!
Now is the time to join!  If you or anybody you may know that would like to take advantage of this wonderful company, go to my corporate site at and click on Business!  I love referrals, plus you get free Posh for it, too!
I’ve already been promoted once in less than 3 months, and I’ll be promoting again in just a few weeks!  I’m so loving my Posh business, it’s been a true blessing in my life with the health and financial hardships we have faced lately.  The best gift I can give anyone is the same opportunity.  A year from now, you’ll wish you joined!
Now who wants some FREE Spooky Posh???  Call or email me right away for your chance to win!

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