Product Review: {Play Footsie} set from Perfectly Posh


Soak.  Scrub.  Soothe.

Twinkle your toes in 2013 for less than the cost of one pedicure with our {Play Footsie} set!  Extend the life of your pedicure with at home treatments in between, too!  The {Play Footsie} set contains Fabulous Fizzies, Rubby Scrubby and Soothing Stick.  You can buy these individually, but for a full foot treatment I recommend the trio.  The blend of peppermint and thyme is very soothing yet stimulating!

I’ve actually tried the Fabulous Fizzies before since I use these at home and at parties for foot soaks.  I love the smell and effervescence!  Soak up, soften or just say “sorry” to tired toes.  Fabulous Fizzies perk up the most tired feet.  Infused with soothing canola oils for added moisture.  Drop one in warm water & enjoy!

This was the first time I got to try the rest of the {Play Footsie} set.  The Rubby Scrubby is an exfoliating peppermint foot stick with a shea butter soap base that leaves your feet in “mint” condition.  I often neglect my feet when it’s not flip flop season, but this is definitely going into my arsenal for year-round use.  I couldn’t believe how easy it is to use and how soft and happy my feet were!

The creme de la creme of the {Play Footsie} set for me hands down is the Soothing Stick.  Your feet will be primed for play with this yummy concoction.  Made from silky corn starch and beeswax that leaves feet soft and bright without feeling greasy.  The soothing peppermint invigorates at the same time, it feels amazing!

Afterwards, I slid on a luxurious pair of socks to lock in all the wonderful ingredients.  I did my thing around the house and took the socks off as I got ready for bed.  I’m very pleased with how soft they feel and rejuvenated my feet feel!

To get your own {Play Footsie} set which is on sale the month of January 2013 for only $39, shop online anytime at  Your feet will thank you!


Thanks and Happy Poshing!  🙂


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