Karma Body Wash and Karma Body Creme Review

Perfectly Posh’s latest catalog launched our new line of shower products called Karma. They streamlined the flavors down to most popular (Sassyooma, Down with Dirty and Hottie Patottie) while introducing one new scent, Shameless Flirt. The new line now consists of Karma Body Wash and matching Karma Body Creme, each specially made with an extra mood-making ingredient for a boost of good Karma!


Down with Dirty uses delightfully clean peppermint and lavender

Sassyooma is a spunky citrus satsuma with caffeine for a tightening effect

Hottie Patottie is made with exotic vanilla beans and brown sugar for a sexy orchid effect

Shameless Flirtis made with energizing ginseng, fresh-pressed jasmine flowers and sea salt

I’ve been using the Sassyooma Karma line and love how the scent invigorates and awakens me while the caffeine helps to tighten up all over! I would love to share samples of this amazing line with you! For free samples of Sassyooma Karma Body Wash and Body Creme, please comment below or email me at poshwithaimee@gmail.com.

Karma Body Wash comes in a HUGE 14 fl oz bottle and matching Karma Body Creme in a 6 fl oz size. Because our products never contain fillers, a little bit of Posh goes a very long way so these will last you a good while! To order online anytime, please visit my website at Aimee’s Perfectly Posh Website and click the Shop button.

Thanks and Happy Poshing! πŸ™‚


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