Perfectly Posh June special


This month’s special is from our Play Footsie line! Get a Rubby Scrubby, Pink Putty and Twinkle Toes for only $39 the entire month of June. It’s finally flip flop season and your tootsies will thank you for this awesome trio!

Made with peppermint and thyme, our Play Footsie line is pampering everybody needs! Pink Putty is a refreshing mask designed to soothe those hardworking feet. I love to use it following a long soak with our Foot Fizzies. I leave the Pink Putty on for about 10 minutes and rinse, then use the Rubby Scrubby stick as an exfoliator. After rinsing one last time, I use the Soothing Stick for moisture so my feet are soft and happy. Lastly, I spray a little spritz of Twinkle Toes oil so my nails and cuticles stay hydrated. Extend your pedicures with this fabulous Play Footsie line!

Ask me how you can get the special for only $19.50 πŸ™‚ Call/text me at 404-939-1680 or email me at And don’t forget all of our products are Buy Five Get One Free excluding our $4 Lip Balms!

To order online anytime go to my website atΒ and click on Shop.

Thanks and Happy Poshing! πŸ˜€


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