New All MiXD Up salts from Perfectly Posh


The mood is yours for the making because your fix is in the mix with the new All MiXD Up salts from Perfectly Posh!  Make YOUR mood when you get All Mixd up with Posh.  It’s so simple, and it’s all yours.  Combine any fragrance (in the pink boxes) and effect (in the green boxes) to create the perfect soaking, steaming and scented time for YOU.

All Mixd Up features 12 fabulous fragrances and 12 effects that will give you countless combinations.  Enjoy your pampering time on your terms.  Get All Mixd Up.  Then, mix up a new mood for next time!


  • Beach Day Lei Away:  Simply scoop a little (or a lot!) into your bath, toss onto the floor of a steamy shower or use a small amount in hand to scrub skin.  Make it YOURS:  mix with other fragrances and effects.
  • A Rose, is a Rose, is a Rose:  There ain’t no substitute and sometimes you need it just like that-all roses!  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Appley Ever After:  Spunky and sweet- time will feel like a fairytale.  Be Appley Ever After.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Cranberry Captivation:  Cranberry will put a snap in your spirit.  Tart and delightfully eye-popping.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Witch Be Gone:  A special brew designed to remove the inner witch when she arrives.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Lemonista:  Lemon verbena- all the sass and spunk of citrus will make you tart and twinkly.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • My Pink Heaven:  Spend your time in the Pink- freesia, mandarin, lilly and a touch of sandalwood.  If you love the Snarky bar from our Pretty line, then you will love My Pink Heaven!  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Nutty for You:  If you’re just nuts for almonds, you can’t beat a blast of Nutty for you.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Sexy Your Socks Off Vanilla:  Put the “come here baby” swing in your step with a lil’ vanilla twist.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Straight-Up Strawberry:  Straight-Up Strawberry is a berry good blast to lift your mind and mood.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Sweet Crazy Daisy:  Mild and honey.  Laughter and love.  You deserve the sweetest and the richest!  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.
  • Tea Zing:  It’s time for tea!  Clarity and health are just some of the benefits of this aromatic mix.  Enjoy it alone or mix it up.


  • Go Get Em, Tiger!  Energize naturally!  Ginseng electrifies your mood.  Smooth, soak or steam your way to a bright, energetic day when you mix it up with ginseng.
  • Bubble Up:  Basics are best.  A traditional, indulgent bubble batch made from gentle coconut oil.
  • Cold on Hold:  Stuffy sinuses will be loved and calmed with eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary.  Put your cold on Hold!
  • D-Tox Dust:  Kaolin and rosemary deep clean for skin and mind.  Known for absorbing toxins and igniting mental clarity.
  • Fine Shine:  Put on the fine shine!  Silver shimmer will leave you looking sensational.
  • Shock Therapy:  Caffeine is nature’s way to help you tighten and brighten from tip to toe!
  • Holy Cow!  Moo magic!  Moisturize with vitamin-rich, skin soothing dehydrated milk.  Mix it with a sweet fragrance to make a milky delight.
  • Awards Night:  Shimmer and shine- you’re solid gold, baby!  You ARE the trophy.
  • Honey, Come Hither!  Nourish and heal what ails your skin with the aid of sweet and gentle honey.  You’ll think it’s the bees knees!
  • Muscle Through:  Deep-down easing and soothing.  Enjoy natural magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) relaxers to help your tired body muscle through.
  • The Lavender Lull:  Loosen up muscles with magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) while you melt into an essential oil coma of luscious lavender.
  • Soothe Move:  Nature’s gentlest way to love and soothe your skin.  Oatmeal adds moisture, clean pores and calms your skin.

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