2014 started with a bang at Perfectly Posh


Didn’t get in on our December Double starter kit for only $99?  No worries…Now that Christmas and New Years is behind us, we are offering the Holiday Recovery kit now through February 6, 2014 for only $99!  Continue to see double while recovering yourself AND your wallet.  Why not start 2014 off with your own pampering business and join in on all the fun we’re having with this amazing company?!  We have the awesome Megan Rhodes-Sommer as headmaster for the new Posh Prep Academy-a training program for new consultants to help you get your business up and running.  To get started now, go to my Posh Website and click on Pampering Business.



Clean up your act in 2014 with our New Year’s D-Tox Bundle from now until January 12th only!  You save $29 with this special bundle that comes with some of our awesome detox products:  The Stripper clay mud mask, the Gender Bender charcoal chunk bar, our D-tox Dust All MiXD Up, Down with Dirty Karma Body Creme, Stare at My Hair Tea Tree & Neem Hair and Scalp Mask and the Lavender Lull All MiXD Up.


Want to get it for FREE?  Here’s how:

1. You purchase this amazing set at the steeply discounted price. Normally $78.00 on discount for $49.00
2. Once I get 6 buyers, the contest closes and prizes are randomly drawn for the following. (everyone wins something)

1. One person will end up getting this set for FREE (just pay tax and shipping)
2. Two people will receive $25 toward a different product of their choice.
3. The remaining 3 people get to choose a product for 1/2 off (can’t be the bundle). Are YOU in???  Call or text me 404-939-1680!



Have a Posh Night Out with me any day this month and get twice the Party Perks!  Wouldn’t it be great to get you and your friends together for a relaxing spa day or fun Girl’s Night In?  Let me help and you’ll get double the rewards just for getting pampered!  Oh my Posh, it’s twice as nice!



Our new Pretty Lookbooks launched on January 1st!  Contact me if you’d like me to send you one in the mail along with FREE samples.  We also have two new Pretty Skin Sticks, our Body Butter Go-Stick in Pompously Peach and Oh So Sweet on You.  Our skin sticks are some of our best sellers, see for yourself why with these new butter sticks!  To shop online anytime, go to my Posh website and click on the Shop button.

And don’t forget, our Perfectly Posh Spring/Summer 2014 catalog and new products launch on February 7th!  Let me know if you’d like catalog and samples of our new items, I’m more than happy to send you some 🙂


It’s time to play!  It’s that time of year again where Ann, Andrew and Home Office travel all over the US for little mini conventions called Posh at Play.  It’s a few hours of fun and open to the public, you do NOT have to be a consultant to attend!  For just $29, you get an evening of Posh and $70 in FREE product!  Here’s a list of dates and locations we will be playing at (I’ll be at the Nashville Posh at Play!):

Feb 25   Boise, ID

Feb 26   Los Angeles, CA

Feb 27   Dallas, TX

Feb 28   Salt Lake City, UT

Mar 4    Cedar Rapids, IA

Mar 5    Ft. Wayne, IN

Mar 6    Harrisburg, PA

Mar 7    Nashville, TN

If you’d like to attend a Posh at Play, please contact me ASAP at poshwithaimee@gmail.com or call/text me at 404-939-1680 as tickets are selling very quickly!

As always, thanks for stopping by and Happy Poshing!


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