Off to Posh Leadership!



Greetings from midtown Atlanta!  I’m so excited for this getaway trip even though it’s just down the road from me.  Why?  Because I get to connect with other Posh leaders and the company founders (who are all awesome!) while discussing our Posh businesses.  Not to mention this is a great little getaway that I really needed now that the holidays are over.  Our new Spring products and catalog are launching tomorrow so we’ll get first dibs on all the new stuff!  Posh has come such a long way since I joined back in July 2012.  It just keeps getting better and better.  Stay tuned for more updates on new products and my 2nd Posh Leadership experience!



Posh Leadership was such a blast!  I love learning about where this fabulous company is going and exchanging ideas with other Posh leaders.  They announced that we’ll be getting a second distribution center soon in Kentucky to help reduce shipping times for us East Coasters (yay!).  And that we’re also getting a new home office in Utah with manufacturing right there on site!  We are growing and since business is booming, we must expand.

Ann talked about how we are not only creating consultant jobs here in America, but other important jobs as well like bringing factory workers back to work in California to make all of our awesome products!  I love how we are doing so many great things with Posh, it has been an absolute blessing in my life.

Andrew focused on company projections and how to provide excellent customer service.  This is what sets us apart from other DS companies!  We are not just a number with Posh.  We are all smart women who own a smart business!

Here’s a few photos of my time at Posh Leadership, which was held at the Renaissance Hotel in Midtown Atlanta.  Got lots of Posh swag, too!  They spoil us so much 🙂




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