Summer of Posh


Hi everyone!  I cannot believe it is already June.  Now that schools are getting out for summer and life is calming down a bit, I wanted to share this awesome opportunity with you.  Start your own pampering business between now and July 31st and go Pink by selling $1000 to receive a FREE Fall/Winter Starter Kit!  Not only do you get a generous 5% raise on your commissions when you rank up to Pink, you’ll get 2 starter kits!  We are launching 46 new products in August at our UnConventional in Las Vegas.  The Fall/Winter starter kits will have these new products.  What better way to jump on the Posh opportunity train (we’re still ground floor) and receive several hundred dollars worth of free product and business supplies for only $99!!  Start your Posh business today by going to my Posh website and click on the Business tab.

When you start your own pampering business, you can also earn free products and supplies by earning your Posh Props.  This is a wonderful program that corporate has in place to help new consultants set goals and easily achieve them.  Want to know more about Props?  Ask me!


We also have a special training program for new consultants called Prep Academy.  You can also earn tools and product credits by completing this training that will help you propel your Posh business!  


Want to know more?  Please feel free to contact me anytime by emailing me at or call/text me at 404-939-1680.  We have an awesome team of 88 smart women who own a smart business and we’d love to welcome you!  If you’re ready to join simply go to my Posh website and click on the Business tab.


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