Perks of being a Perfectly Posh consultant

One of the things I like most about being a Perfectly Posh consultant is how much we are recognized for all our hard work. Our home office staff and founders (Ann Dalton and Andrew McBride) are like no other DS company out there. They like to show their appreciation for us in many ways, and consultant exclusive products is my favorite!

Tonight I am pampering myself with a skin clearing mask called Palmetto Paint. It’s made from palmetto extract and bayou seaweed with a light citrusy scent. I earned this consultant exclusive mask for free a couple of months ago during our annual incentive period. It makes my skin feel taught and smooth…I’m seriously rationing it out!

If you’d like to hear more perks about being a Posh consultant, contact me today. I’d love to tell you all about my awesome Posh journey! Feel free to visit my Posh website to start your own pampering business.

Thanks and Happy Poshing πŸ™‚

Summer Spritzer Tablets: Our July Monthly Special

Cool down your skin all summer long with our fabulous new Summer Spritzer misting tablets! Β Made with essential oils in a refreshing spearmint and cucumber blend. Β Each package comes with 10 tablets for only $13. Β To make your spritzer, simply add one tablet to 4 oz of ice cold water in your favorite spray bottle. Β Be the coolest mom on your block with Summer Spritzers only from Perfectly Posh!

To purchase your tablets before they’re sold out, simply go to my Posh website. Β Remember, all products are Buy 5 Get 1 Free. Β And FREE shipping on all orders $100 or more!

Thanks and Happy Poshing πŸ™‚