My team Posh Life became a Premier team!


I’m still in shock-I don’t think it has really fully hit me yet…but my fabulous team Posh Life became a Premier team on September 30, 2014! What does that mean? It’s a HUGE achievement and we are now recognized by Perfectly Posh corporate as an official team. How cool is that?

We sure did work super hard to accomplish this major milestone! I’m so proud of all the hard working people on our team. It’s definitely been a long road since joining Posh back in 2012, but I know we are going all the way to the top!

If you’ve ever considered joining Perfectly Posh, we should talk! When you join Team Posh Life, an official Premier team now, you get tons of support from me and your fellow Posh sisters. We are located all over the country and here to help you start your own pampering business!

Ready to join now? Simply visit my Posh website and click on the Join tab. Together, we are going places!

Thanks and Happy Poshing 🙂 Aimee


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