Saturday specials this Pink Weekend with Perfectly Posh!

Today we are featuring our Look Natural line.  All products in this gentile line are $4 off at  Look Natural features no filler ingredients, no parabens or sulfates and no dyes or phthalates.  We have 9 different products in this line to choose from:

Stark Naked Natural Face Wipes-Remove dirt, grime, make-up and more.  A healthy blend of fruit and herb extracts that nourish and smooth skin with a natural cucumber fragrance.  Use as needed to clean and refresh.

BFF Best Face Forever-Millions of microbeads scrub and gently exfoliate with a naturally cleansing blend of grapefruit and peppermint.  Essential oils soothe and freshen.  Gentle enough for everyday use.  This is in my top 10 favorite Posh products!

I’ve Been Set Up! Setting & Refreshing Mist-Set make-up and refresh skin with a spritz of this bionutrient-loaded mist.  Spritz over face and neck as needed.  A chocolate peppermint hydrosol with nourishing extracts.

Night & Day Olive and Lavender Moisturizer-Moisturize with lavender and glycerin plus natural olive oil.  It’s nourishment you need to have your skin be at your best.  Smooth over your clean face morning and night.

I’m So Over It Make-Up Remover-Cleanse your face gently and remove make-up when you’re over it with this light, oil-free blend.  Smooth over face with a cotton pad or ball for a natural break up with make-up.

Delish! Foaming Face Wash-Nourishing and nondrying.  Remove dirt, oils and dead skin with natural fruit extracts and gentle cleansers.  Non exfoliating.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond Microderm Scrub-Diamond powder aggressively exfoliates to reveal young, healthy skin and to help prevent fine lines.

Sweet Dreams Night Creme-A natural, gentle and hyper hydrating wrinkle resisting night creme for face and neck.  Loaded with nourishing and protecting shea butter, glycerin and the unique healing properties of kelp.

My Hero 30+ SPF Facial Sunscreen-You need a hero to protect and defend your skin from the sun’s damage.  Never fear, Look Natural is here with exactly what you need.  Block harmful rays naturally without harsh chemicals and protect your face all day long.  Apply daily for best defense.

Beat the crowds and shop online at without all the craziness.  And don’t forget-through Sunday every order gets a FREE Santa’s Little Healer in every box! Oh My Posh! I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and I look forward to helping you get Perfectly Posh at a great price! Thanks and Happy Poshing 🙂


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