New Perfectly Posh Spring/Summer Product Info

Oh My Posh!  It’s been a whirlwind since I left for Perfectly Posh Leadership in San Diego for our new product line and catalog launch a couple weeks ago!  I’m just now getting a chance to tell you all about our new products.  I have product and sample orders on the way, so if there’s anything I mention that you want to try, leave a comment or send me an email at and I’ll gladly put together a small sample pack for you!

So, featured above is our gorgeous new catalog!  It has a retro, pin-up girl theme and is full of vibrant colors and product information.  You can view the catalog online at or you may request one by emailing me at

We have 21 amazing new products and as always, nothing over $24 and we still feature Buy 5 Get 1 Free.  There’s also FREE shipping on all orders of $100 or more, too!  To order online anytime, simply shop on my website at  When you order online, corporate sends you a FREE catalog and a FREE sample with every order-Oh My Posh!  Plus I send free gifts personally to all my customers 🙂

You’ll notice a “seasonal” vibe this catalog as we now offer current catalog exclusives based on time of year.  Some of our new products are seasonal, so if you want to experience them for yourself be sure to order online at before this catalog changes to Fall/Winter in July.  Here’s a list of our seasonal items:

Without further ado, let’s talk more in depth about the products!

Introducing Heebie Jeebie-a foot peel kit that’s a vegan blend of natural skin exfoliators that deeply penetrates to remove years of dead skin on your feet and toes.  Made from glycolic acid, vegan lactic acid, bilbery, lemon and orange.  The fragrance is peppermint and thyme just like our other products in the entire Play Footsie line.  Old, cracked and dry skin simply peels away to give you weeks of soft, smooth feet about 7-10 days after use.  And yes, your skin will shed like a snake!  This single treatment will last 6-8 weeks.  If you use our Schwanky & Soft Exfoliating Creme nightly afterwards, the treatment will last 10-12 weeks.  This is already one of my new best sellers!  Each kit contains:  peeling gel, protective pink booties and polka-dot socks (reusable).

Our next new product is As Good as Gold skin stick.  It’s an anti-aging stick that soothes dry skin with a unique essential and argan oil blend to reveal youthful and radiant skin.  Made from shea butter, pear, apple, evening primrose and rosemary in a wonderful scent.  And it’s great for eczema and psoriasis!

I’m so excited that we have 3 new Skindelicious body butters this catalog!  These are scrumptious and luxurious butters chock full of yummy ingredients that are so good for your skin.  Take a look at some of what’s inside:

Farmer’s Market is a blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, watermelon and cucumber extracts.  It smells amazing and great for inflammation!

Next up is our fresh, tropical Castaway Coconut!  It’s made from coconut oil of course, cocoa butter, shea butter and beeswax along with watermelon and cucumber extracts.  This one smells so coconutty and delicious-you will love it!

Last and probably most anticipated is our Snarky Butter!  If you’re a fan of our Snarky Bars or Lil’ Snarky Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, then you will LOVE this new Snarky Butter!  It’s made with shea butter, sweet almost oil, sunflower seed oil, aloe, milk and honey.  The scent is our classic Snarky scent in exotic flowers and sandalwood.

Speaking of Snarky, we have 2 new Snarky Bars!  What is a Snarky Bar?  It’s a shea-loaded scrubbing bar that gives you the smoothest skin you’ve ever had!  Let your skin dance the soapy samba in your next shower or bath with the perfect pairing of aggressive exfoliation and an unforgettable fragrance.

Let’s chat about our Snarky exfoliation real quick.  We are happy to introduce a new, biodegradable, sustainably-sourced alternative to synthetic polymer beads in our exfoliating products.  The refreshing sensation you’ve come to love with our Snarky Bars just got better!  Our new beads are vegan, polylactic acid beads derived from sugar cane and contain no dairy derivatives.

If you’ve ever tried our Daily Grind body coffee scrub, then you will LOVE our new Daily Grind Snarky Bar!  Enjoy fresh, ground arabica beans in a shea loaded scrubby bar that’s sure to awaken your senses.

Our coveted A Peel to Me Snarky Bars are available all catalog long!  These were a flash sale back in the Fall that sold out in just a few hours.  Little did we know how much of a huge hit they’d be!  So our fabulous founder, Ann Dalton, brought these in for a limited, seasonal only time this Spring and Summer.  Orchard orange citrus oil and natural loofah sure makes a zesty combo for fresh skin!

We have 2 new Chunk bars this catalog!  They’re seasonal, so you can only get them this Spring and Summer catalog.  I love our Chunk bars because they are big, they last a very long time and don’t melt in the shower like store bought brands.  I use a different Chunk each day depending on my mood!  With so many yummy choices, we are sure to have something you will love, too!

Up first is Viva Senorita (named after our wild UnCon 3 in Las Vegas last summer)-a spunky, south of the border fragrance with agave for softening and a kiss of lime to help reduce oily skin.  Lime peel oil is a natural astringent and also helps with cooling, redness and swelling.  It also reduces hyperpigmentation.  I’ve been using this one a lot since I got back from Leadership in San Diego and I love how soft it makes my skin.  Not to mention, my bathroom smells amazing!

Seas the Day is our other new, seasonal Chunk bar available this catalog only.  It’s made with shea butter and wild cherry extract to bring a wave of beachy perfection to your skin with a splash of agave fragrance.

We have one new addition to our Look Natural line!  The Pore-fect bar is made of meadowsweet root, tea tree, eucalyptus and blueberry to deep clean pores and refresh skin while gently washing and nourishing.

More new seasonal products to talk to you about!  Girls just wanna have sun and now is the time to get your skin ready for summer with these fantastic products.

Skin Vixen is a dry body oil that instantly improves and nourishes skin with a unique blend of sunflower, coconut, palm and rosemary oil along with vitamin E.  Lavish this moisturizing dry oil over your skin for an immediately luxurious, beautiful sheen.  The fragrance is a fresh, mandarin blossom scent that is uber sultry and sexy for upcoming warm weather!

Have you ever walked on the beach with dry feet and by the time you were done, your feet were all soft and exfoliated?  Well have I got great news for you!  We now have Walk on the Beach sand scrub made with real sand and sea salt that will nourish with acai and jojoba.  One of my new favorites!

We Put De Lime in De Coconut!  Another new seasonal scrub that’ll take you away to the beach.  Exfoliate and scrub with an exotic island twist with coconut and lime to clean and excite your skin!  Sea salt and sugar smooths your cares away.  Sing along with me 😀

Lash Pop is a natural growing serum for eyelashes!  At this moment, this product is not available to order but I want to tell you about it so that when it is ready, you can snatch it up.  It’s made up of pentapeptides that can naturally extend and bulk up your lashes with continued use.  The exclusive blend of ingredients encourages eyelash growth by stimulating the keratin genes responsible for long, thick lashes.  You can see results in as little as 2 weeks and full effects in about 3 months.  There’s no more effective, natural product available on the market!  I’ll make another blog post just as soon as these are available for purchase 🙂

Perfectly Posh lip products are one of my favorites!  It’s such a quick way to pamper myself on the go and with great ingredients.  We’ve added a new product to our Posh Life pampering line-Posh Life Lip Butter.  Lavish your lips with this buttery soft blend of essential oils, shea butter and beeswax for the sweetest indulgence.  Our Posh Life product line shares the fabulous raspberry lemon fragrance.

Just when I thought Posh had pulled out all the stops, they surprise us with this awesome product called the Zone Treatment Kit!  It targets the specific pampering needs of your face.  It comes with a special brush that you can use with the 3 different treatments that you may need.  There is a Charcoal Pore Clearing mask that absorbs free radical pollution and promotes skin elasticity.  Peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender nourish while caffeine tightens and closes pores on your face.  The Plankton & Menthol Calming mask soothes, calms and improves the look of your skin while peppermint oil stimulates circulation while adding vibrance.  The Oil Reducing & Control mask uses aloe and clay as antioxidants to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells on the upper layers of skin while reducing and controlling oil.  Mix and match and put it where YOU need it!

Our next face mask is Apricots Overnight and this one is my new favorites!  Get the skin of your dreams with this blend of sensational fruits and apricot extract that leaves your skin feeling supple and soft-the perfect overnight companion for intense moisture.  Everyone with all skin types will love this!

The next new mask is called I’m Shrinking.  It’s a unique formula of fruits and essential oils that specifically targets large pores and problem areas on your face.  You’ll want to use this as spot treatments and not your entire face.  Like me, I have large pores on my cheeks, around my nose and my chin so I use it there instead of my whole face.

Our last 2 products are from our Pretty teen line (although men and women of all ages use Pretty).  If you’re a fan of our Hey Honey Healing Hand Creme, then you will LOVE our new Hey Honey Healing Body Creme!  It’s just what your skin needs to be healed, loved, soothed and moisturized.  You’ll love its honey lemon fragrance!

Last but not least, we now have The “It” Girl Perfume Roller!  If you love our It Girl Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, then you will love this new roll on perfume.  It’s a gentle blend of sweet almond, macadamia seed and jojoba oils.  It’s so fresh and Springy!

If you’ve seen anything you’d like, simply go to my website at and place your order today! Your skin will thank you-and so will I 🙂  Keep calm and Posh on.


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