Why you should become a Perfectly Posh consultant

So you’ve probably been hearing about this super fabulous company called Perfectly Posh.  If you are reading this, then that means you’re thinking about taking the plunge and joining us on this pampering pursuit!  While I have your attention, let me tell you the reasons why I think you should invest $99 on yourself.

Most people join Perfectly Posh for at least 1 of 4 reasons (sometimes more than 1).

1.  Make extra money

2.  Earn free trips and travel

3.  Receive recognition and accolades

4.  Have fun, make new friends and get out of the house

In the collage above, those pics represent all the reasons why I joined Perfectly Posh.  I still work full time during the day, but my Posh biz helps me pay for car payments and our pop up camper, helps my family take fun vacations and lots of other extras that we probably couldn’t afford otherwise.

Through Posh, I’ve gotten to make lots of new friends and have had so much fun traveling all over the US to exciting places like Chicago, Las Vegas, Nashville, Chattanooga, Orlando and San Diego for corporate events.

Home Office recognizes our achievements for Prep Academy, 30/60/90 Day Props, Monthly Awards, Rank Advancements and so much more.  As your Premier sponsor, I do additional team recognition and love to reward my teammates who work hard!

Are YOU ready to see what a $99 starter kit can do for you?  We are ready to welcome you to our amazing team!  To join, go to my website at www.perfectlyposh.com/aimee and click on Build a Business.  Your journey with Perfectly Posh can then officially begin!


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