Just a few more days to take advantage of February starter kit options

Each month we will have 2 different starter kits for you to choose from.  There’s a Double the Posh starter kit and a Lots of Posh starter kit.  The products in each starter kit will change each month.  Along with your $99 starter kit, there will be an exclusive product in your starter kit, too!  These will also change each month so if there’s something in the kits or you just have to have the exclusive product for that particular month, don’t delay!

Let’s go over what your options are for February.

Here’s the Double the Posh Kit:

And here’s a video for the Double the Posh starter kit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9u1NimsB88

Here’s the Lots of Posh kit:

You can see the video for the Lots of Posh starter kit here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AN1D7NPQJis

Which kit will you choose?  Oh I wish sometimes I could sign up all over again just to get one of these amazing new kits!

The February recruiting incentive that all new consultants receive is the Walk on the Beach Bombinator.  I absolutely love this product and it would make me so excited for you to get one!  Remember, the only way is to join this month so if you’re thinking about it, nows the time to enroll.

If you’ve thought about taking part of your tax return and starting your own pampering business, let’s talk!  Our teams grow well this time of year and besides-even the $99 starter kit is tax deductible!

To join my team simply go to my Posh website at www.perfectlyposh.com/aimee and click on the Build a Business tab by the end of the month 😀


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