Free Healer in a tin for ALL online orders today only!

Happy Mother’s Day!  In honor of mom’s special day, corporate is including a FREE Healer in a tin with every online order today only!

I always tell my customers that every woman needs a Healer in her purse because it is good for so many things!  Minor cuts and burns, chapped lips, cuticles, eczema, psoriasis, tattoos, bug bites and so much more.  It truly is a Healer!

We have lots of Spring and Summer products for you to choose from if you’re looking for pampering products at an affordable price.  Check out my catalog online here or simply view my corporate website at

Remember, we offer FREE shipping on all orders $100 or more and we also offer Buy 5 Get 1 Free.  And as always, I spoil my customers with my own free gifts and samples with every order!

Thanks and Happy Poshing,



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