Spooky Posh 2015 is here!

I’m really excited about this year’s set of Spooky Posh products available at aimeeposh.com!  I just got these in on Friday and have really enjoyed taking the time to try them.  Here’s what we have:

Cackle Spackle face mask-this mask is very unique!  It’s made with kaolin, charcoal powder, essential oils, Moroccan lava clay, peppermint, spearmint and tea tree oil.  You may feel some tingling as soon as you put it on-that’s normal!  It’s all the yummy ingredients working together to pull toxins and dirt out of your pores.  You can leave on this cleansing mask for 15 minutes then follow up by washing your face and moisturizing as normal.  Here’s a quick video I made after applying the Cackle Spackle last night:  https://youtu.be/vAYDtfTklj0

Witchy Wash-this awesome body wash is made with aloe, lavender and refreshing peppermint.  Wash the witch away!

Pie to Die For-this pumpkin body scrub is very similar to the scrub we had a few years ago (which was a huge hit) but is a tad bit thicker.  Tis the season for everything pumpkin and this will not disappoint!  This scrub is blended with sugar, sea salt, pumpkin, cinnamon and ginger for a sweet and spicy exfoliating treat!

Shop online at aimeeposh.com today before these are gone forever!  And I’ll be talking more about it soon but we have an exciting new Perks rewards program.  Every time you personally shop my website at aimeeposh.com and also share this link to people to in turn shop, you earn Perks points you can use to apply to get free product, purchase exclusive products or even save for your own starter kit!  Be on the look out very soon for my video and blog post about Perks 🙂

Wow, September is almost over already!

Hi peeps!  I just realized that I didn’t make a single post in August.  Why?  For the past year we have been experiencing what is called the #poshboom as my team has tripled in size since then!  We have 350 men and women all over the USA on this pampering pursuit.  Between Posh and family stuff, it has been quite difficult finding the time to sit down longer than a few minutes these days to make a post.  So let me share a few exciting things that have been going on with me!

Last Fall my family and I decided it was time for us to get our home ready to be put on the market.  It took several months to get it listed and we were so lucky to have it sold in a month and a half.  During that time, we found our dream home (that was only a few minutes away) and were able to snatch it off the market and make it our own 🙂  School started back up and we moved one week later, what timing!  And this was all right after our UnCon (annual convention) for Perfectly Posh.  So to say it has been busy, it has been crazy busy.

We’re slowly getting unpacked but the busy Fall season stops for no one.  With the launch of our new Fall/Winter products at the end of July, and now that Labor Day is behind us, right about now up until January is our busiest season with Perfectly Posh.  I do lots of vendor events in the Fall as well.  We always see a huge burst in growth and sales, it’s so fun watching everyone promote and help get the Posh name out there!

Perfectly Posh officially turns 4 on October 1, 2015 so we’re celebrating all month long with that, too!  I myself have been with Perfectly Posh for more than 3 years now, and have loved every minute of it 🙂

So with that, let me tell you about the September starter kits real quick.  We always have two kits to choose from-the Lots of Posh kit and the Double the Posh kit.  Depending on what you’re hoping to do with your Posh business may help determine which kit you should get.  The Lots of Posh kits come with a more variety of product whereas the Double the Posh kit comes with two of every item selected for that month’s kit.  So you can either get as many different products on people with the Lots of Posh kit, or recoup your initial investment and sell one of every item from your Double the Posh kit.  Either way, you can’t go wrong!

The September recruiting bonus product is the Berry Happy bath bomb 6 pack!  Each new consultant receives this exclusive product all month long.

I’d love to help you start your own pampering business with Team Posh Life!  While it is busy, I always make time to help build my team and train them.  I do not want you to miss out on the biggest selling season of the year!  If you’re interested in joining, please go to Aimee’s Perfectly Posh Website today before the September kits and exclusive products are gone forever!