2015 has been a great year!

As 2015 comes to a close and the holidays are finally upon us, I want to say thank you for supporting my Perfectly Posh business! Without you, I would not be where I am today since starting this Posh journey in July 2012. And that’s why I LOVE to spoil my customers with free gifts and goodies with every purchase!

It has been an epic year of sharing the Posh love! We had crazy growth as my team Posh Life grew from 140 in January and we are currently 443 team members strong! People are loving the products so much and that skyrocketed my team through several major promotions where I was awarded with not one, but two pieces of Tiffany jewelry! I must say I’m not a huge jewelry person but getting spoiled with Tiffany’s brings on a whole new perspective. And just for sharing these fabulous products!


As if 2015 wasn’t crazy enough…

11845098_10207157166267937_1616899427026919034_oWe also decided to purchase a new home this summer! We sold our previous home and bought our dream home literally right down the street in beautiful Towne Lake area of Woodstock, GA (suburb of Atlanta). My husband and I have worked so hard for years and we are absolutely loving our new place! I keep some Posh inventory on hand so if you are nearby, don’t hesitate to stop by and get your refills! Β Please contact me for my address πŸ™‚

How Can I Help You?

Now that we’ve got an awesome groove going with my team and we finally have our home unpacked, I want to focus on sponsoring new consultants, hosting in home and online parties (Facebook-so easy!), having more on one one consultations and expanding my customer base. I love referrals, too! Our products are made in the USA, naturally based and very affordable (nothing over $24). We simply pamper by providing you awesome spa grade quality ingredients.

So let’s talk a minute about becoming a Perfectly Posh consultant. Whether you have an entrepreneur spirit, are seeking sisterhood, you love the product or you can appreciate the value of our $99 starter kit-we want you on our team! You can do as little, or as much as you want with Perfectly Posh. I am a wife, a mother, a full time IT professional and I still have time for my Posh business even with a crazy schedule! If I can do it, you can do it.

December Starter Kits

Here’s the starter kit options for this month. As always, you can choose between our Lots of Posh starter kit or our Double the Posh starter kit for only $99. And when you join this month, you’ll receive 3 of our popular Skin Sticks for FREE in addition to our Slap caffeinated body creme! This is over $300 in products and business supplies-Oh My Posh! There’s still plenty of time to join this month. Give yourself the gift of a pampering business this year and enjoy all the tax write off’s that come with it! If you’re ready to join, simply go towww.perfectlyposh.com/aimee and click on the Join tab. We’d love to have you!



Partying With Posh

You no longer have to have to bow your head, hide or duck when someone mentions hosting a party! Here at Perfectly Posh we realize today’s trends and we want to stay ahead of the curve by giving customers what they want. Old school companies can be limiting with pushy consultants.

11760152_10207079308041530_1667257036713526060_n (1)

We certainly don’t want you running in the other direction, so we have created our Perks program where hostesses AND guests earn Perks points on every purchase they make (in a party or via individual order-all orders follow you and the email you use to create your Perks profile). Go to aimeeposh.com to create your Perks profile where you get 250 Perks just for doing so. Plus you’ll receive 500 Perks during your birth month and you can also earn loyalty Perks when you shop any amount 3 months in a row! This social selling platform makes it so much easier to share the Posh love πŸ™‚


One on One’s & Referrals

One on one consultations is probably my favorite way to share Posh! We can do this in person, over the phone (404-939-1680) or via email (poshwithaimee@gmail.com). I am an expert in ALL things Posh so just let me know what areas you need help with. We have products to help with acne, anti-aging and so much more!

Also, I LOVE referrals! When you refer someone to me, I send you a free gift.


Here’s to a Wonderful 2016!

I hope your holidays are awesome and that the new year brings you much health and happiness! Remember, self care is a divine responsibility and be sure to take time for yourself. Thanks and Happy Poshing!

Sixteen days of Christmas!

It’s that time of year again! Β Shop some of our best deals of the season and get all your favorites. Β Plus when you shop with me at aimeeposh.com, you earn free Perks rewards that you can use towards exclusive products and future purchases! Β Now let’s see what’s in store each day. Β You can see the advent calendar here.

December 1st-Twisted and Naughty Snarky Bars $10 each

December 2nd-Posh Life Coconut Oil $12 and Bubble Bath $10

December 3rd-Snarky Bars $12

December 4th-Drop Dead Gorgeous and Mint for Each Other body scrub $19

December 5th-As Good As Gold, Wakey Wakey and Hipster skin sticks $10

December 6th-Enlightened and Peace Love & Take a Shower chunk $6

December 7th-Various Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes (Some Like It Hot, Sassyooma, Lil Snarky and Just Like Heaven) $6

December 8th-Black Cherry Attack and Flower Power kits $16

December 9th-Whip Me Up and Amaaazing bath bombinators $14

December 10th-Moisturize 911 and Spotless acne pads $14

December 11th-Posh Man Hairy Beast Shave Gel $12 and Calm the Beast After Shave $13

December 12th-Honey Honey healing body creme $13 and Muddy Honey healing body mask $11

December 13th-All MiXD Up 6 pack $16

December 14th-Make Out Magic, Tree Hugger and Caramel Cray Cray sugar lip scrubs $9

December 15th-In a NY Minute face mask and Kale Face mask $16

December 16th-Zone customized treatment kit $15 and Lash Pop growing serum $15

And remember, everything ships for just $5 when you shop at aimeeposh.com! Β I hope you have the most enjoyable holiday this year! Thanks and Happy Poshing πŸ™‚