Sixteen days of Christmas!

It’s that time of year again!  Shop some of our best deals of the season and get all your favorites.  Plus when you shop with me at, you earn free Perks rewards that you can use towards exclusive products and future purchases!  Now let’s see what’s in store each day.  You can see the advent calendar here.

December 1st-Twisted and Naughty Snarky Bars $10 each

December 2nd-Posh Life Coconut Oil $12 and Bubble Bath $10

December 3rd-Snarky Bars $12

December 4th-Drop Dead Gorgeous and Mint for Each Other body scrub $19

December 5th-As Good As Gold, Wakey Wakey and Hipster skin sticks $10

December 6th-Enlightened and Peace Love & Take a Shower chunk $6

December 7th-Various Big Fat Yummy Hand Cremes (Some Like It Hot, Sassyooma, Lil Snarky and Just Like Heaven) $6

December 8th-Black Cherry Attack and Flower Power kits $16

December 9th-Whip Me Up and Amaaazing bath bombinators $14

December 10th-Moisturize 911 and Spotless acne pads $14

December 11th-Posh Man Hairy Beast Shave Gel $12 and Calm the Beast After Shave $13

December 12th-Honey Honey healing body creme $13 and Muddy Honey healing body mask $11

December 13th-All MiXD Up 6 pack $16

December 14th-Make Out Magic, Tree Hugger and Caramel Cray Cray sugar lip scrubs $9

December 15th-In a NY Minute face mask and Kale Face mask $16

December 16th-Zone customized treatment kit $15 and Lash Pop growing serum $15

And remember, everything ships for just $5 when you shop at!  I hope you have the most enjoyable holiday this year! Thanks and Happy Poshing 🙂


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