Why April is a great time to become a Perfectly Posh consultant

My team is currently at 495 teammates and we are pushing to reach 500 this month!  Like seriously, Perfectly Posh is booming and we want you Poshing with us.  Yes, Poshing is a verb!

To me and many others, Poshing is a way of life.  When you have extreme love for a product line because

a) it’s affordable

b) it’s naturally based

c) it’s both pampering AND fun

When you join my team at aimeeposh.com, you’ll see all that we have to offer.  Free training, amazing programs to help you reach your goals and fabulous products!  You’ll also get top notch training and advisement from me, a Gold Premier who’s been with the company almost 4 years now.  I have excellent experience with Perfectly Posh and have built a winning team from the ground up.  Not many can say that!

Here’s our two different starter kits you can choose from this month (The Fab Feet Forward Kit or the Lots of Posh Kit):

April Starter Kits Box-800x800

And when you join this month, you’ll receive this awesome Walk on the Beach scrub! Check out my video here about this amazing sand scrub.

Walk On the Beach ROTM-Box

And one more thing you’ll get for FREE is this amazing commemorative ring!  Perfectly Posh is on a mission to reach 55,000 consultants, so they’re giving each new consultant this pretty cool adjustable ring to mark this moment in Posh history!

Posh Push to 55K

If you’re ready to join in on the Posh movement and become a consultant, go to aimeeposh.com now and click on Join.  I’ll help you through the onboarding process to get your pampering business up and running.  If you have any questions, please email me at poshwithaimee@gmail.com.  Thanks and Happy Poshing!



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