You had me at brunch

The art of brunch has been around for over a hundred years.  I admit that I’ve only partaken in the ritual of weekend brunch a few times in my whole life.  It always seemed like something rich people did or those involved in high society, but I’m starting to see more brunching in the lives of us “normal people”.  Do you Instagram?  At the time of writing this blog post, there are more than 11 million videos and photos with the #brunch as seen here.

If you want to feel like a rich bitch or reminisce about your last brunch with your bff’s, then let me introduce you to I Love You a Whole Brunch.


It’s what we in Posh call a Chunk bar-a huge bath bar that will last you for a long time as it is substantially larger than typical store bought soaps.  And because our products do not contain fillers, it doesn’t melt in the shower.

So this particular Brunch bar smells like a sparkling citrus and cardamom, and probably very similar to your favorite adult beverage consumed at said brunch.  It’s made with a palm oil base (that’s RSPO certified) and infused with ginger and illipe butter to help make you feel lovely and bubbly!


This amazing chunk bar is on sale this week for just $8 at my website Not sure if you’re interested?  Here’s a few resources to help you decide for yourself (your inner rich bitch will thank you though).

Learn more about the I Love You a Whole Brunch chunk bar from Perfectly Posh here.

Check out my I Love You a Whole Brunch product review video on YouTube here.  And while you’re visiting my YouTube channel, smash the Like button and Subscribe.  I will love you for it!

More information about RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) can be found at their website here.


Rise and shine darling!  Go ahead and treat yoself 😉

Thanks and Happy Poshing!





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