Our new Starter Kits make it even easier to get started with Perfectly Posh


I know I am a little behind in keeping my blog updated (I’ve been ramping up my YouTube channel-go check it out and Subscribe) but we just had our Spring/Summer 2017 product launch two weeks ago.  And so that means we have not only new starter kits, but a brand new format! Our kits are still $99 at aimeeposh.com which is a great price for a life changing opportunity.

We know it can be overwhelming to be a new consultant with Perfectly Posh.  You may be new to Direct Sales or Social Selling and not sure where to start. You may have little to NO sales experience (like me when I joined) and you’re worried about how to tell people you are now a Posh consultant.  After years of trial and error, our streamlined starter kits make it so easy for you to get launched with your pampering business.

Our new starter kits now contain 3 bags with products, samples and business supplies to get started.  The first bag is ‘Pampering for Me’ and will contain about 4 full size products that you use on yourself to get familiar with our product line.  Maybe you have never tried Posh before (I had never tried it when I signed up) and not sure what products are best for what purpose.

The second bag is ‘Samples’ and contains a variety of samples for you to share the Posh experience with friends, family, coworkers or anyone that you want to share Posh with (it could be your favorite barista at your local coffee shop).  I love the amazing pampering I get with my Perfectly Posh products and sharing samples is a great way to get product on people.

The last bag is ‘Products for My Business’ where you will get a variety of full size products that you can sell to make back your initial investment of $99 for your starter kit.  You can keep the money or roll it over into your business-the choice is yours!  I love teaching people how to leverage whatever they get in their starter kit to propel their business forward.

Have any questions?  Please feel free to email me at poshwithaimee@gmail.com- I’d love to hear from you.  If you are ready to join our wonderful team (Team Posh Life) of almost 700 men and women all over the United States, please join us at aimeeposh.com today!




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