Three Life Changing Perfectly Posh Products this Spring!

We launched fifty two brand new pampering products last month and I will be completely honest in that I absolutely am infatuated with every single one of them!  I have been through several years of product launches and each one had some whomp whomp duds…except for this catalog!  I am blown away by this.  There are several though that have literally changed my life-let me tell you why.

One of the things I love about Perfectly Posh is how innovate we can be.  I know we try to cater to the middle majority (those that want just soap and lotion) but we have an amazing product developer who has come up with some cutting edge products!  The first one I’ve been adoring is Good Hydrations In Shower Lotion.

Good Hydrations

It comes in this huge 8.5 fl oz bottle in a lavender fragrance so it is great for everyone in your household-especially kids.  You put it on while you’re still in the shower and the water somehow forces the lotion into your skin.  So you’re saving time by moisturizing while you’re already in the shower but you’re not oily at all because there is no mineral oil at all in this!  Most ‘in shower’ products like this contain mineral oil and the fact that we don’t makes me love it even more.  The hydration lasts all day and the soothing lavender reduces stress and anxiety levels.  Click here for my YouTube product review.

Next life changing product is our new Preach Peach Lip Oil.  Have you ever even heard of a lip oil?  I hadn’t and I don’t necessarily live under a rock.  I am really adamant about having soft lips and recently did a whole daily lip care routine video about it over on my YouTube channel if you want to check it out, click here.

Preach Peach

Our peach lip oil is made from several different oils and it keeps my lips hydrated for hours without being sticky.   I like to apply it in the morning after I do my daily exfoliation with my Posh sugar lip scrubs.  I’m telling  you-just one use and you will be hooked!

Lastly I must tell you about our new Just Chillin’ Skin Stick.  Cute name, right?  It’s a huge stick for muscles that has peppermint, caffeine and cucumbers to help alleviate overworked muscles.

Just Chillin

I have really bad hip and back issues, so my muscles are constantly trying to overcompensate what’s going on with my bones and my curved spine.  This leads to huge knots and Charlie horses and I have been using this skin stick every day to help keep these angry muscles at bay.  It cools for hours on end and I like to use it in conjunction with our Hot Pepper Sha-Bang Skin Stick for what I call the “Fire and Ice” combo (heat and cold).  It is phenomenal and you can view my product review video for them here.

Check out my website at and see what you can snag today!  We still have retired products available for purchase as well.  Everything is Buy 5 Get 1 Free (excluding lip balms) and shipping is just $5.99!  Thanks and Happy Poshing 😀



Our new Starter Kits make it even easier to get started with Perfectly Posh


I know I am a little behind in keeping my blog updated (I’ve been ramping up my YouTube channel-go check it out and Subscribe) but we just had our Spring/Summer 2017 product launch two weeks ago.  And so that means we have not only new starter kits, but a brand new format! Our kits are still $99 at which is a great price for a life changing opportunity.

We know it can be overwhelming to be a new consultant with Perfectly Posh.  You may be new to Direct Sales or Social Selling and not sure where to start. You may have little to NO sales experience (like me when I joined) and you’re worried about how to tell people you are now a Posh consultant.  After years of trial and error, our streamlined starter kits make it so easy for you to get launched with your pampering business.

Our new starter kits now contain 3 bags with products, samples and business supplies to get started.  The first bag is ‘Pampering for Me’ and will contain about 4 full size products that you use on yourself to get familiar with our product line.  Maybe you have never tried Posh before (I had never tried it when I signed up) and not sure what products are best for what purpose.

The second bag is ‘Samples’ and contains a variety of samples for you to share the Posh experience with friends, family, coworkers or anyone that you want to share Posh with (it could be your favorite barista at your local coffee shop).  I love the amazing pampering I get with my Perfectly Posh products and sharing samples is a great way to get product on people.

The last bag is ‘Products for My Business’ where you will get a variety of full size products that you can sell to make back your initial investment of $99 for your starter kit.  You can keep the money or roll it over into your business-the choice is yours!  I love teaching people how to leverage whatever they get in their starter kit to propel their business forward.

Have any questions?  Please feel free to email me at I’d love to hear from you.  If you are ready to join our wonderful team (Team Posh Life) of almost 700 men and women all over the United States, please join us at today!



Cyber Monday deals!


We are now officially less than a month away from Christmas and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & friends.  Black Friday has come and gone already too but today I am so excited to share with you our Cyber Monday deals!  These sales are good through tomorrow 11/29/16 at 12:00pm EST.  Beat the crowds and shop from the comfort of your home today at


Dressed to Chill Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme $7

Happy Dance Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme $7

Love the Dark Body Scrub $19

Lash Pop $16

Stud Stick (not pictured) $6

Enchant Tress (not pictured) $16


The It Girl Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme $5

All Gussied Up Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme $5

Amaaazing Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme $5


Tranquilizer and A Peel to Me Snarky Bar Bundle $22 for both


Purifier Skin Stick and Purifier Snarky Bar Bundle $24 for both


I Love You a Whole Brunch $6

Fall Out Girl $6

Spawesome $6

Rolling in the Deep $6

Hunk Chunk $6

Hoku Kukui $6


Perfectly Posh products make great gifts, stocking stuffers and personal goodies for your own self care regimen.  Our products are naturally affordable so anytime we have a sale it’s just that much better!  Shipping is only $5.99 no matter how much you purchase and we always include a free sample in every order.  Plus, when you purchase from me I send free gifts to my customers as a way of saying thank you for supporting my business.

I hope you take advantage of these pretty awesome deals today at!  And as always, thanks and Happy Poshing 🙂

Aimee ❤



You had me at brunch

The art of brunch has been around for over a hundred years.  I admit that I’ve only partaken in the ritual of weekend brunch a few times in my whole life.  It always seemed like something rich people did or those involved in high society, but I’m starting to see more brunching in the lives of us “normal people”.  Do you Instagram?  At the time of writing this blog post, there are more than 11 million videos and photos with the #brunch as seen here.

If you want to feel like a rich bitch or reminisce about your last brunch with your bff’s, then let me introduce you to I Love You a Whole Brunch.


It’s what we in Posh call a Chunk bar-a huge bath bar that will last you for a long time as it is substantially larger than typical store bought soaps.  And because our products do not contain fillers, it doesn’t melt in the shower.

So this particular Brunch bar smells like a sparkling citrus and cardamom, and probably very similar to your favorite adult beverage consumed at said brunch.  It’s made with a palm oil base (that’s RSPO certified) and infused with ginger and illipe butter to help make you feel lovely and bubbly!


This amazing chunk bar is on sale this week for just $8 at my website Not sure if you’re interested?  Here’s a few resources to help you decide for yourself (your inner rich bitch will thank you though).

Learn more about the I Love You a Whole Brunch chunk bar from Perfectly Posh here.

Check out my I Love You a Whole Brunch product review video on YouTube here.  And while you’re visiting my YouTube channel, smash the Like button and Subscribe.  I will love you for it!

More information about RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) can be found at their website here.


Rise and shine darling!  Go ahead and treat yoself 😉

Thanks and Happy Poshing!




Our Perfectly Posh starter kit sale is BANANAS!

Ok so I know my blogging has been less than stellar lately, but I had to stop what I was doing to make a video about our 24 hour starter kit sale that ends 9/10/16 at noon EST!  I promise I will have more content coming here to my Posh blog.  I have been working behind the scenes and gearing up for a busy Fall season.  Check out the sale in my latest YouTube video here.  Join for just $50 while they’re on sale at today! Thanks and Happy Poshing 🙂


I have 28 sample packs that need a new home!

Down to 28 #pampering sample packs that need new homes by next Thursday! I’ll be leaving for #premiercon in #chicago for the new launch and I’m on a mission to send out every single sample pack by then! Each sample pack has a catalog, samples and flyers so you can see what Perfectly Posh is all about. Fill out my Google Form at and I’ll send your packet out 👌 #freesamples #posh #samples #poshwithaimee #goldpremier #teamposhlife #pamper #skincare #soap #lotion #facemask #metime #catalog #perfectlyposh

Why April is a great time to become a Perfectly Posh consultant

My team is currently at 495 teammates and we are pushing to reach 500 this month!  Like seriously, Perfectly Posh is booming and we want you Poshing with us.  Yes, Poshing is a verb!

To me and many others, Poshing is a way of life.  When you have extreme love for a product line because

a) it’s affordable

b) it’s naturally based

c) it’s both pampering AND fun

When you join my team at, you’ll see all that we have to offer.  Free training, amazing programs to help you reach your goals and fabulous products!  You’ll also get top notch training and advisement from me, a Gold Premier who’s been with the company almost 4 years now.  I have excellent experience with Perfectly Posh and have built a winning team from the ground up.  Not many can say that!

Here’s our two different starter kits you can choose from this month (The Fab Feet Forward Kit or the Lots of Posh Kit):

April Starter Kits Box-800x800

And when you join this month, you’ll receive this awesome Walk on the Beach scrub! Check out my video here about this amazing sand scrub.

Walk On the Beach ROTM-Box

And one more thing you’ll get for FREE is this amazing commemorative ring!  Perfectly Posh is on a mission to reach 55,000 consultants, so they’re giving each new consultant this pretty cool adjustable ring to mark this moment in Posh history!

Posh Push to 55K

If you’re ready to join in on the Posh movement and become a consultant, go to now and click on Join.  I’ll help you through the onboarding process to get your pampering business up and running.  If you have any questions, please email me at  Thanks and Happy Poshing!