Fundraising and Corporate Gifts

I am available for fundraisers for your school, team or club anywhere in the US!  If you’d like to earn money for your organization with a Perfectly Posh fundraiser, please fill out the form below or contact me at  Get ahead of those budget deficits and let me help you reach your financial goals!

I also offer Perfectly Posh for those needing corporate gifts.  For example, if you need to purchase gifts for your office, let me help with Perfectly Posh!  I can help you pick out products for any occasion on any budget.  Plus I can personalize and have them delivered for you.  Contact me today!

2 thoughts on “Fundraising and Corporate Gifts

  1. As a consultant how do you run a fundraiser? I’ve only seen the main three ways and flash sales to sell Posh product. I’m considering becoming a consultant sometime in the future. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

    • Hi Jessyka! You can do fundraisers a couple of different ways. You can do the typical catalog style where people sell products out of the catalog and the consultant donates a set upon amount of her commission. Or another way is by selling tickets for a set upon amount then the winner gets a Posh shopping spree. Remaining funds from ticket sales (usually half the total funds raised) go straight to the organization needing the funds. Are you working with a consultant yet? If not, I’d love to work with you to help you start your Perfectly Posh business.

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