Host a Party



Get creative—anywhere you can get people together, you can pamper. From a simple, casual lunch date with a friend to an organized weekend evening at your place, you Posh Party can happen anywhere! It’s a Party your way, so pick a spot, invite your friends, and get ready to pamper it forward!

Home Party
A Hostess invites her friends and neighbors to her home and shows them how to pamper with Posh. It’s a great way to get others involved and get their hands on Posh products. Work with your Hostess to get excited, engaged, and trying product.

Online Party
Simply create a party online in your Virtual Office. Send out email invitations to guests as provided by your Hostess, and promote the event via email and social media.

Portable Party
Put products, samples, catalogs, and order forms into a bag and share it with a local office, neighbors, or friends. Have a friend do the same! Are you ready?  Drop me a line at  Let’s get you some FREE products!








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