My Posh Story


I joined Perfectly Posh in July 2012 and absolutely love it!  I’m a full time working IT professional and mom to an awesome and talented budding artist.  Like so many other women, I juggle career, parenting and running a household with a crazy schedule.

I was looking for something extra I could easily incorporate into my busy lifestyle that could help me get out of debt, have fun and meet new people.  And that’s when I found Posh!  I found a company that makes me feel GREAT about myself, have lots of fun sharing the awesome products, make extra money, receive lots of recognition and fun trips!   I’m not just a number with my Perfectly Posh business!

I’m so proud of Team Posh Life! We hit Premier in September 2014-I am one of the first 50 women to do this in the whole company! Premier is the elite Leadership title and we are officially recognized as a team by home office. We are rapidly growing with the #poshboom and we’d love to welcome you on board! If you’d love to join us, sign up at

Feel free to comment below or visit my corporate website at  Thanks and Happy Poshing!


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